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What Could Have Been: Lessons and Regrets from My First Job


Last night, I was reading a story online that mentioned the woman that was the CEO of the first organization in which I worked after college. As I fell down a rabbit hole of reading associated articles, it mentioned her successor, the woman that had been the VP of Finance when I was there – in other words, my boss’s boss.

The more I read, the more I found myself thinking about that job and that organization.

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Just Let People Like What They Like


I’m a bit of a snob when it comes to things I enjoy.

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My Boring-Ass Morning Routine and Why I Won’t Quit My Job

Not my house, but often not far off (photo via)

Nearly every day, I open up Medium and look at the top stories of the day. And, nearly every day, at least one, often two, and sometimes all five, are essays focused on how to be more productive or a story about how to change your life, usually through leaving your current place of employment.

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Good Luck or Bad Luck? The Answer is Perception


There was a blizzard here on the East Coast over the weekend. Maybe you heard something about it.

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Howard Stern, Vince Staples, and I

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I recognized the look immediately.