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The Hellishness of a Ridiculously Long Daily Commute


This is the second entry in a three-part series on modern life in work and business – you can read part one here.

I recently accepted a new job and the first question everyone asks isn’t “What’s the position?” or “What is the organization?” or even “Is it a promotion?” The question is, “Is it a shorter commute?”

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Burnout, Arrogance, and Workaholism: The Problems with Corporate Finance


This is the first entry in a three-part series on modern life in work and business.

In a darkened room lit only by the glow of a screen, you continue to hammer away.

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“4:44” Is Great, but Not New – Jay-Z Has Been Making Confessional Songs His Entire Career

via Vanity Fair

Much of the reaction to Jay-Z’s thirteenth album, 4:44, from much of the press is that Jay – finally – has matured and is allowing himself to be shown through his music.

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The Pierznik Monthly Volume 35


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