Why I’m Back in Therapy

From late 2010–early 2013, I saw a therapist — two, actually (one moved). Specifically, they were cognitive behavioral psychologists. They could prescribe medicine, but I never asked for any and they never offered. I had previously seen an LSW (Licensed Social Worker), but by their very nature, they are more supportive, so all I got in those sessions was that I was too hard on myself and I should be proud of what I’d done. I didn’t need that.

I also didn’t need pills. That’s not why I was there. Rather, I went to modify and improve my behavior and to help me understand why I acted and reacted in certain ways to certain situations or events. What was it about myself and how I had experienced life to that point that dictated why I did the things I did — both good and bad?

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The Brilliance of Zack Snyder’s DC Universe

What if Superman existed in our current reality? How would the world react to a literal illegal alien — the ultimate immigrant — with godlike abilities? And how would he, in turn, react to the world?

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The Pierznik Monthly Reading Review Volume 43 (April 2018)


The April edition of my monthly reading review list.