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The Success of “The Martian” Should Inspire All of Us


Regardless of how you measure such things, The Martian is an unqualified success.

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DiCaprio’s Drought

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Leonardo DiCaprio is one of the greatest actors alive. Some may place him a small notch below Daniel Day-Lewis and Meryl Streep, but he’s undoubtedly in the upper echelon, above even strong performers like Jamie Foxx and Matthew McConaughey.

However, he has been forced to watch Foxx and McConaughey give acceptance speeches on the stage of the Academy Awards while his trophy case remains bare. Until, if you believe the predictions, this year.

Week in Review

Week in Review (February 26, 2016)


I made a mistake.

Flashback Friday Flop

Flashback Friday Flop: “Til the Casket Drops”


Welcome back to the latest edition of Flashback Friday Flop, a weekly feature in which I examine a hip-hop album from years ago that was considered a flop, either critically or commercially or both, when it was released and see if it has gotten better – or worse – over time. 

This week: Clipse’s Til the Casket Drops (2009)

In the spring of 2002, there came a song with a sparse, backbreaking beat that immediately induced Pavlovian head nodding. As Pharrell introduced himself and proclaimed that “The world is about to hear something that they never heard before,” another voice kept chanting “I’m your pusha!

This is how most people were introduced to Clipse.


The Unrealistic Myopia of Personal Finance Experts


I read a lot and I think about money a lot. So, naturally, I read a lot about money.

I’ve read all the experts. I’m well-versed in the Debt Snowball and the Latte Factor and the 50/20/30 rule.

And I think many of them are unrealistic.

The Pierznik Monthly

The Pierznik Monthly Volume 22 (February 2016)

The libraries do not fool us (3)

The latest edition of my monthly reading review newsletter.

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Hip-Hop Rap

“Detox” – The Lost Album


 After two classics and sixteen years of rumors, Dr. Dre’s highly anticipated and long-awaited third album was released last summer.

Only it’s not Detox.


Chris Webber’s Hall of Fame Résumé


There have been approximately a quadrillion articles devoted to the Fab Five of Michigan – interviews, reviews, praises, critiques, “should haves,” complaints, and memoirs – so I would rather devote my time to a cause I find far more interesting: Chris Webber’s case for inclusion in The Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame.

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Documentary Tuesday: “American Meth”


North America is gripped by a meth epidemic. The quality of the drug has skyrocketed and the cost has dropped, meaning that more and more people are getting their hands on stronger and stronger stuff. That’s a bad combination.

This documentary, narrated by Val Kilmer, looks at how the drug has affected so many Americans in so many places, skipping from Wyoming to New Mexico to a city I’ve spent quite a bit of time in, Portland.

Hip-Hop Rankings

Ranking All 21 “Best Rap Album” Grammy Winners


Much like the NBA, the Grammys have a complicated relationship with hip-hop. Decisions like Young MC’s “Bust a Move” winning over Public Enemy’s “Fight the Power” have led many to believe that those who vote on the Grammys have no clue about real hip-hop.