Does the Album Still Have a Place in Music?

Back in 2009, I wrote a blog post for XXL in which I wondered if mixtapes were becoming better – and more important – than albums. My contention was that there are certain artists – Jadakiss, for example – that are better suited for the mixtape circuit, so they should really be judged on theirContinue reading “Does the Album Still Have a Place in Music?”

Politic Ditto – The Slept-On Greatness of Raekwon’s Hooks

He is a charter member of the Wu-Tang Clan. He is the creator of The Purple Tape and its stellar sequel. His flow is filthy and his wordplay is wicked. He invents slang and dictates fashion trends. He is a New York rap legend with a long history of competition and collaboration with many ofContinue reading “Politic Ditto – The Slept-On Greatness of Raekwon’s Hooks”

The Case for Dress Down Every Day

I’ve worked in a variety of organizations and industries, from banks to manufacturing plants to non-profits to Fortune 15 multinationals. Consequently, my work attire has deviated wildly depending on my job. I’ve worn suits and ties, cut-off tee-shirts and shorts, button downs and jeans.