“Police! Open Up!” – The morning U.S. Marshals pounded on my door


It was December, 2013. A Tuesday morning.

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I Was There: Seeing LeBron Play in High School


I haven’t been to very many historical sporting events. No World Cup. No Super Bowl. No championship-clinching win. I was there for the final Philadelphia Eagles win at Veterans Stadium in 2002, went to a few NLDS and NLCS games in 2008 as the Phillies rolled towards a title, and attended a few NBA Playoff games, but they were appetizers. The biggest event I’ve ever attended was the final game of Michael Jordan’s career and while that was great, it’s not like it was the 63-point game at the Boston Garden in 1986 or Game 6 of the ’98 Finals in Utah.

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I Was There: Michael Jordan’s Final Game


Last week, I read (with escalating anger) the story of the Kobe Bryant fan who had the foresight to purchase tickets to what will almost certainly be Kobe’s final NBA game, only to later be screwed by StubHub’s greed. (StubHub has since apologized and promised to make things right, but only because of the outcry the company’s original decision caused.)

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I Was There: Drinking Wu-Tang Beer with Inspectah Deck


The Wu-Tang Clan has been referred to as hip-hop’s answer to The Rolling Stones. From their classic output to their logo to their lasting impact to their longevity to their popular live shows to the lukewarm response to their later albums, they are rap’s version of older rockers.

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I Was There: On Stage at a Comedy Club with Greg Fitzsimmons


It doesn’t always come across in my self-loathing or self-congratulatory writing, but I can be a pretty funny guy. However, my humor comes from either conversation or reference. I can make my coworkers laugh by imitating an executive or make friends laugh by relaying stories that we all experienced. But I could never make a room full of strangers laugh on demand. Stand-up comedy is an incredible skill, one I’ve never even pretended to have.

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