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I Was There: State Property & The LOX Live

Cross another off the concert bucket list.

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Classic Non-Album Cuts: Jay-Z


Whether or not Jay-Z is the greatest rapper of all time is a matter of debate (he’s certainly in the conversation), he’s undoubtedly the most successful and influential rapper in history.

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The Other Great Rap Battle of 2001

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Everyone knows that an epic hip-hop battle that took place in late 2001, when Jay-Z and Nas brawled for the throne, but far too many people forget that another classic rap clash began that year as well.

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Jay-Z’s “Dead Presidents” Video Shoot [1995]


On the set of Jay-Z’s “Dead Presidents” video, they drank Cristal and played Monopoly with real money. Along with Jay and his crew were AZ, Smoothe Da Hustla, and The Notorious B.I.G.