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10 Items That Keep My Yard Fresh

There were many reasons I loved living in a city.

I loved the constant energy; the seemingly countless restaurants and bars; the long, lazy brunches; the pockets of culture like museums and historical sites; the skyscrapers and alleyways; knowing the hidden places that felt like secrets and the corner food cart that served the best breakfast after a long night.

Perhaps most of all, there was no yard work that needed to be done. I had grown up on four acres and my father, born and raised in the city, became like a farmer on the weekends. I’d help him not only cut grass and weed whack, but also with rototilling, stump pulling, tree cutting, and rock moving.

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25 Short Lessons from 25 Years of Adulthood

Photo by Christopher Pierznik

When does adulthood begin?

Scientists say that, biologically, adulthood doesn’t truly begin until 30, but socially, culturally, and legally, it’s 18. You’re free to leave the nest, make your own decisions (and mistakes), and take control of your life.

I turned 43 in March.

It’s not a milestone birthday by traditional standards — we Americans love numbers that end in fives and zeroes — but if 18 is the age when we become adults, then that means I’ve been a grownup for a full twenty-five years. A quarter-century.

While it often still doesn’t feel like it, I’ve compiled a list of twenty-five things I’ve learned in the past twenty-five years.

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The 20th Anniversary of Attending Michael Jordan’s Final Game

Through sheer luck, I was able to attend Michael Jordan’s final NBA game.


Life Hack: Never Read The Comments

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Random Thoughts on Reading Books

Read 500 pages…every day. That’s how knowledge works. It builds up, like compound interest. All of you can do it, but I guarantee not many of you will do it.”

 — Warren Buffett

“I don’t have time to read.”

You wouldn’t believe how often I hear this. People say it defensively, but also preemptively. I don’t say anything to them about reading. They announce it when they lay eyes on whatever book is in my hand or on my desk. 

The person will continue to fulminate on how busy they are and how there is no possible way to fit reading into their packed calendar. Of course, this often comes immediately after they have just spent a great deal of time raving about the latest tv shows they’ve been bingeing.

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The Comfort of Rewatching Things

Photo by Christopher Pierznik

Do you often rewatch old shows you’ve seen before? Do you think you’re alone? Well, you’re not.

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Bo Jackson and Lauryn Hill: Legendary Even Without Longevity

Some people are too talented to be confined to just one lane. 

Vincent Edward “Bo” Jackson was the rare two-sport athlete. He could have been a Hall of Famer in both baseball and football. 

Lauryn Hill was the rare two-discipline musical artist. She could have had the greatest career as both a rapper and a singer.

They also shared several other traits in common: reaching incredible heights; colleagues accusing them of being difficult; focusing on their families; and, above all, not being interested in living up to the outsized expectations created by their early acts of brilliance.

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My Only Goal: Improve Daily

by Christopher Pierznik

In my moments of quiet reflection, I always ask myself the same few questions.

Am I improving? Are my choices and actions moving me closer to the person I want to be? Have I made progress over the past day/week/month/year?

These are often followed by questions of self-flagellation: Why did I say that? What was I thinking? Why did I make that decision?

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G.O.T.E. Is the New G.O.A.T.

Comparing eras is futile, so let’s celebrate the Greatest Of Their Era

via ESPN

The great thing about sports is that results are objective. There are won-loss records, tournaments, playoffs, and championships. The winner is decided on the field of play.

Of course, that doesn’t mean there aren’t subjective debates. Quite the contrary. The never ending sports debates all come down to one question: Who is the best? Who’s the best player? What was the toughest era? What’s the best team? Could the best team from a prior era beat the top squad from today’s game?

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Saying Goodbye to My Favorite Place – and My Youth

Photo by Christopher Pierznik

For most of us, life is not like a sitcom. We don’t meet up with our friends every single day at Central Perk or MacLaren’s or Cheers, but we do have our spots that we prefer over all others. We may not go there all the time, but we feel most comfortable there. It is where we are in our element, where we invite everyone to join us. It is our home field, as it were.

Mine was Memphis Taproom.

So I was quite dismayed a few weeks ago when I read the news that it would be closing its doors for good.