Unpopular Pop Culture Opinions


I feel like I’ve always fallen outside of the mainstream. Even as a child, I knew that many of my tastes were not in line with the majority. Often, my opinion is the unpopular one.

I finally explored this issue when I wrote my latest book, in which I defended people and projects that are maligned, like Eminem’s Relapse, Michael Jordan’s tenure with the Washington Wizards, and The Godfather Part III. There are twenty such topics in the book, but I have waaaaaay more unpopular opinions. Here are some more:

  • Anne Hathaway is great
  • The appeal of Kurt Vonnegut is lost on me.
  • I think the new Ghostbusters will be fantastic and Kristen Wiig is obviously extremely talented, but I just have never found her to be funny
  • Bridesmaids was also supremely overrated (aside from the exquisite Maya Rudolph)
  • Affleck over Damon
  • Pro Tools and CGI have hurt movies and music more than they have helped them
  • Brunettes > Blondes (generally, not always)
  • I never understood the popularity of Charles in Charge and Full House
  • Nostalgia aside, the NBA is just as good now as it was in the ’90s
  • Peyton over Brady (rings be damned)
  • Edward Norton was a better Bruce Banner/Incredible Hulk than Mark Ruffalo
  • I can’t stand Drake’s music (but I do respect his willingness to do what he wants, regardless of how it will be received or perceived)
  • Catcher in the Rye is a far better work of literature than The Great Gatsby
  • Gwyneth Paltrow is a hell of an actress, but she seems like a terrible person
  • Nas won


  • Michael Bay films are unwatchable
  • Martin Lawrence is an overactor that isn’t nearly as funny as he thinks he is
  • Same is true of Kevin Hart
  • I haven’t read it in years, but considering its reputation, I couldn’t believe how much I hated Confederacy of Dunces.
  • Girls is insufferable
  • Clerks II was a travesty in comparison to the original
  • The Howard Stern Show was better with Artie Lange than with Jackie Martling


  • I find it easier working on a PC than a Mac (It may just be that I’m used to it, but I still prefer it)
  • The Hunger Games books were shitty

Christopher Pierznik is the author of eight books, all of which can be purchased in paperback and Kindle. His work has appeared on XXL, Cuepoint, Business Insider, The Cauldron, and many more. Subscribe to his monthly reading review newsletter or follow him on Facebook or Twitter.

By Christopher Pierznik

Christopher Pierznik is the author of 9 books and has contributed to numerous websites on a variety of topics including music, sports, movies, TV, personal finance, and life. He works in corporate finance and lives in northern New Jersey with his family. His dream is to one day be a member of the Wu-Tang Clan.

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