Documentary Tuesday: “30 for 30: No Crossover – The Trial of Allen Iverson”

Allen Iverson is a beloved, complicated figure. The poster child for the marriage of basketball and hip-hop, he was small, but played with a huge heart, won the 2001 NBA MVP, and did it all his way.

Documentary Tuesday: “American Meth”

North America is gripped by a meth epidemic. The quality of the drug has skyrocketed and the cost has dropped, meaning that more and more people are getting their hands on stronger and stronger stuff. That’s a bad combination. This documentary, narrated by Val Kilmer, looks at how the drug has affected so many AmericansContinue reading “Documentary Tuesday: “American Meth””

Documentary Tuesday: “The World’s Most Expensive Stolen Paintings”

Most people care little about art theft. Unless it’s the Mona Lisa or something equally as famous, very few people give much thought to what a painting being stolen means to us. However, as the film suggests, art is part of our culture and having it stolen is an assault on all of us.

Documentary Tuesday: “30 for 30 Short: The Deal – Alex Rodriguez to the Boston Red Sox”

  In late 2003, after losing to the New York Yankees in the ALCS again, the Boston Red Sox decided they needed to do something to get over the hump. At the same time, the Texas Rangers were beginning to regret their $252 million deal with superstar shortstop Alex Rodriguez. A-Rod had watched the ALCSContinue reading “Documentary Tuesday: “30 for 30 Short: The Deal – Alex Rodriguez to the Boston Red Sox””

Documentary Tuesday: “Paradise Lost” [1996]

In 1993, three eight year old boys, best friends, from West Memphis, Arkansas were found murdered and hogtied. Although there was very little evidence (and several other more plausible suspects), three teenagers were arrested, charged, and ultimately convicted of the murders, which the prosecution claimed occurred as part of Satanic rituals.

Documentary Tuesday: “30 for 30: The Price of Gold” [2014]

Some of my favorite documentaries, particularly of recent years, came out of the ESPN 30 for 30 series. I’m going to do my best not to let this space become inundated with them. However, some are just too good not to share and the one that follows the Nancy Kerrigan – Tanya Harding figure skatingContinue reading “Documentary Tuesday: “30 for 30: The Price of Gold” [2014]”

Documentary Tuesday: “The Death of ‘Superman Lives” [2015]

In the mid-to-late ’90s, Warner Brothers began development of a revival of Superman. Kevin Smith even wrote a script for it before Tim Burton became attached and brought in his own writers. He immediately cast Nicholas Cage as Clark Kent and there are rumors that Jim Carrey was in talks to portray Brainiac. The projectContinue reading “Documentary Tuesday: “The Death of ‘Superman Lives” [2015]”