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Anything Can Be Art

We’re a nation of clutter. We’re a society of packrats. We love our stuff.


Most of Us Will Never Live Out Our Dreams — and That’s Freeing

Lake Clouds

No one grows up dreaming of working a safe, mundane job. Nearly everyone in that position wants to be something else.

A musician. A painter. A crafter. An inventor. A brewer. A writer.


Rap Avengers: 131 Marvel Hip-Hop Variant Covers

What if some of the most iconic album covers in rap history were given a Marvel makeover?

Artist Documentary Tuesday

Documentary Tuesday: “The World’s Most Expensive Stolen Paintings”


Most people care little about art theft. Unless it’s the Mona Lisa or something equally as famous, very few people give much thought to what a painting being stolen means to us. However, as the film suggests, art is part of our culture and having it stolen is an assault on all of us.

Greatness Hip-Hop Process

Scraps From Eminem’s Notebook


I’m always interested in an artist’s process – where they work, how they develop ideas, what tools and technology they use. Looking at Eminem’s pages, I’m fascinated how these turn into fully formed songs.