Why I’m Back in Therapy

From late 2010–early 2013, I saw a therapist — two, actually (one moved). Specifically, they were cognitive behavioral psychologists. They could prescribe medicine, but I never asked for any and they never offered. I had previously seen an LSW (Licensed Social Worker), but by their very nature, they are more supportive, so all I got in thoseContinue reading “Why I’m Back in Therapy”

Murder Inc.: The Supergroup That Never Was

Originally, Murder Inc. was to be the name of a supergroup comprised of Jay-Z, DMX, and Ja Rule. All three were signed to Def Jam (through their own imprints of Roc-A-Fella, Ruff Ryders, and Murder Inc.) and had known one another for years. They appeared in each other’s videos, shouted out one another, and performedContinue reading “Murder Inc.: The Supergroup That Never Was”

Documentary Tuesday: “American Meth”

North America is gripped by a meth epidemic. The quality of the drug has skyrocketed and the cost has dropped, meaning that more and more people are getting their hands on stronger and stronger stuff. That’s a bad combination. This documentary, narrated by Val Kilmer, looks at how the drug has affected so many AmericansContinue reading “Documentary Tuesday: “American Meth””

The NBA & Hip-Hop: Til Death Do They Part

The NBA has a complicated history with hip-hop, but the sooner it embraces the fact that the two are forever entwined, the better it will be. My latest for The Musical Outcast. Continue reading… Christopher Pierznik is the author of eight books, all of which can be purchased in paperback and Kindle. His work hasContinue reading “The NBA & Hip-Hop: Til Death Do They Part”

Nineteen Ninety-Sex: The Year of Rap’s Femme Fatales

“I used to be scared of the dick/Now I throw lips to the shit, handle it like a real bitch” Lil’ Kim was 22-years-old on November 12, 1996, when she uttered those lines, the first lyrics on her debut album, Hard Core. Just one week later, 18-year-old Foxy Brown released her own debut, Ill NaContinue reading “Nineteen Ninety-Sex: The Year of Rap’s Femme Fatales”

The Shifting Narrative of the Manning/Brady Rivalry

“Brady didn’t play a snap his freshman year in high school even though his team was 0-8 and didn’t score an offensive touchdown. He had to send out tapes to get colleges interested. Manning was overwhelmed by scholarship offers. They have taken different paths but wound up in the same place as two of theContinue reading “The Shifting Narrative of the Manning/Brady Rivalry”