The Twitter Reckoning

For those of us that are old enough to remember rotary phones and Columbia House music for a penny, we remember a time when everything was slower. Television news was on once or twice a day and the Sunday newspaper was thick enough to use as a step stool. Back then, it took a longContinue reading “The Twitter Reckoning”

My Boring-Ass Morning Routine and Why I Won’t Quit My Job

Nearly every day, I open up Medium and look at the top stories of the day. And, nearly every day, at least one, often two, and sometimes all five, are essays focused on how to be more productive or a story about how to change your life, usually through leaving your current place of employment.

Self-Publish Your Book in 2016

When someone learns that my books are self-published, they often sneer as if they don’t exist at all. Oh, so you’re not really published. Your books aren’t, like, real. No? If you type my name into the search bar at the top of the Amazon page, you’ll find a list of all eight of myContinue reading “Self-Publish Your Book in 2016”

The Problem with Pursuing Perfection

I made two big mistakes today. Continue reading… Christopher Pierznik is the author of eight books, all of which can be purchased in paperback and Kindle. His work has appeared on XXL, Cuepoint, Business Insider, The Cauldron, and many more. He has been quoted on Buzzfeed and Deadspin. Subscribe to his monthly reading review newsletter orContinue reading “The Problem with Pursuing Perfection”