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The Modern Era of Fatherhood


“I have more pictures of my children than my father ever looked at me.”

Jim Gaffigan

I do the grocery shopping in my house.

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Just Let People Like What They Like


I’m a bit of a snob when it comes to things I enjoy.

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When Collecting Becomes an Obsession


Like many ’80s babies, I was a huge card collector when I was kid. I bought, sold, and traded baseball, basketball, football, and even some hockey cards with my friends. We’d have card collecting parties where everyone would bring boxes of the cards with which they were willing to part and we’d act like we were in an adolescent version of Boiler Room.

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Thoughts on Parenting

Over on Medium, I wrote some tangled thoughts I’ve had recently about my abilities as a parent…

Thoughts on Parenting

In Appreciation of

“I’ll Make Ya Famous” – In Appreciation of: ‘Young Guns II’


From the ages of about twelve to seventeen, I was alone for much of my downtime. I didn’t have a girlfriend, so if I weren’t at basketball practice, I was lounging around the house, either listening to hip-hop or watching my favorite movies over and over, quoting dialogue, imagining being a different person in a different world.

That all began with Young Guns II.