The NBA Was Not Better in the ’80s


I just turned 36. For my generation, the 1980’s were a glorious time. We had Small Wonder and Mr. Belvedere, slap bracelets, and Skip-It. How could you not love the 80’s?

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A King Among Men


This originally appeared on The Cauldron on June 16, 2015


Steph Curry Is the Greatest Shooter in NBA History, but He’s Far From Being the Greatest Player


You can’t be the greatest player of all-time if you only play on one end.

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The NBA & Hip-Hop: Til Death Do They Part


The NBA has a complicated history with hip-hop, but the sooner it embraces the fact that the two are forever entwined, the better it will be. My latest for The Musical Outcast.

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I Was There: Michael Jordan’s Final Game

Last week, I read (with escalating anger) the story of the Kobe Bryant fan who had the foresight to purchase tickets to what will almost certainly be Kobe’s final NBA game, only to later be screwed by StubHub’s greed. (StubHub has since apologized and promised to make things right, but only because of the outcry the company’s original decision caused.)

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Michael Jordan’s Performance as a Wizard Was Far Better Than You Remember


The following is an excerpt from Christopher Pierznik’s new book In Defense Of… Supporting Underappreciated Artists, Athletes, Actors, and Albums, in which the author defends and celebrates individuals, teams, and projects that were unfairly maligned or misunderstood from the world of music, sports, TV & film. It can be purchased in both paperback and Kindle.

It was the perfect ending.


Unpopular Pop Culture Opinions


I feel like I’ve always fallen outside of the mainstream. Even as a child, I knew that many of my tastes were not in line with the majority. Often, my opinion is the unpopular one.

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“Hey Jordan, Pick on Someone Your Own Size!”


One of my favorite Michael Jordan stories (of which there are thousands), as told by Karl Malone:


The Biggest NBA Draft What Ifs

How different would the Association had looked if different decisions had been made?

2007 NBA Draft Portraits