I Love Grey Skies

“When autumn winds have stolen summer’s last kiss I will find you again in my dreams; over and over past thousands of Thursdays, until I can meet you under grey skies and flaming trees.”

Nicole Lyons

As the calendar pages turn and summer begins to loosen its grip on the world, many people become a bit despondent and lament the end of the long, warm days of July and August as they are replaced by the extended darkness of autumn and winter evenings.

I, however, love the shorter days of fall.

Flashback Friday Flop

Flashback Friday Flop: “For All Seasons”

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Welcome back to the latest edition of Flashback Friday Flop, a weekly feature in which I examine a hip-hop album from years ago that was considered a flop, either critically or commercially or both, when it was released and see if it has gotten better – or worse – over time. 

This week: Nature’s For All Seasons (2000)

The first time many people heard of Nature was when he replaced Cormega as the fourth member of The Firm in 1997. While that project fell far short of expectations, it did debut atop the Billboard 200 and would eventually be certified platinum, exposing fans of Nas, AZ, and Foxy Brown, to this young spitter who performed admirably, even if he was unable to steal the show.

Hip-Hop Rap

From the Vault: “The Platinum Flop”


“All you n—s that said that I turned pop, or The Firm flopped/Y’all are the reason that Dre ain’t been getting no sleep”

– Dr. Dre, “Forgot About Dre”