My Best Writing of 2021

This is the post where I lay out the best things I wrote this year. Maybe, in a year like this when my productivity was lower, it might include everything I wrote. We’ll never know (don’t check).

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Imagining a Proper John Grisham Universe

I’m unashamed to be a John Grisham fanatic.

While his work has been derided as “legal thrillers [that] are no more mentally taxing – or unpredictable – than fairy tales,” I enjoy them. Well, most of them. Some are quite bad, but there are a few that are actually very good. Most fall somewhere between the two. I usually read biographies and other works of nonfiction, but Grisham is like a reading vacation for me. I don’t have to read with a pen in my hand or work to untangle the density of the prose, and I love his pacing. Also, I listen to his audiobooks as background noise while working or doing things around the house.

As not only a Grisham superfan, but also the internet’s expert on all his books, I decided to take a look at how a live-action Grisham universe could look.

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A Podcast for Book Lovers with Some Time to Kill – John Grisham’s “Book Tour”

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“I’ve never tried to be some kind of serious literary artist.”

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Grisham Lite Doesn’t Taste Great – “Law and Disorder” Reviewed


There are very few guarantees in pop culture. It’s hard to know why a seemingly average song becomes a hit or why a can’t-miss film flops.


A Boring Page-Turner: “The Whistler” Reviewed


On page one of John Grisham’s new novel, The Whistler, we’re introduced to a character that is napping. It’s fitting, because this book will put you to sleep.

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Ranking Every John Grisham Book


Excluding the Theodore Boone series for children and a few Kindle singles, John Grisham has released thirty-six books — thirty-four novels, one collection of short stories and one work of non-fiction. Since I have loved his work (to varying degrees) for years — flaws and all — I decided to rank them.