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The Hellishness of a Ridiculously Long Daily Commute


This is the second entry in a three-part series on modern life in work and business – you can read part one here.

I recently accepted a new job and the first question everyone asks isn’t “What’s the position?” or “What is the organization?” or even “Is it a promotion?” The question is, “Is it a shorter commute?”

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Burnout, Arrogance, and Workaholism: The Problems with Corporate Finance


This is the first entry in a three-part series on modern life in work and business.

In a darkened room lit only by the glow of a screen, you continue to hammer away.

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What Could Have Been: Lessons and Regrets from My First Job


Last night, I was reading a story online that mentioned the woman that was the CEO of the first organization in which I worked after college. As I fell down a rabbit hole of reading associated articles, it mentioned her successor, the woman that had been the VP of Finance when I was there – in other words, my boss’s boss.

The more I read, the more I found myself thinking about that job and that organization.

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The Next Step in My Career


I gave my two weeks notice on Friday.


The Case for Dress Down Every Day


I’ve worked in a variety of organizations and industries, from banks to manufacturing plants to non-profits to Fortune 15 multinationals. Consequently, my work attire has deviated wildly depending on my job. I’ve worn suits and ties, cut-off tee-shirts and shorts, button downs and jeans.