I Was There: On Stage at a Comedy Club with Greg Fitzsimmons

It doesn’t always come across in my self-loathing or self-congratulatory writing, but I can be a pretty funny guy. However, my humor comes from either conversation or reference. I can make my coworkers laugh by imitating an executive or make friends laugh by relaying stories that we all experienced. But I could never make aContinue reading “I Was There: On Stage at a Comedy Club with Greg Fitzsimmons”

Most College Majors Are Overrated

“Having a soft major is nowhere near the career death sentence that so many make it out to be. The world is changing, and the U.S. economy with it. Our economy is shifting to a service-and information-based economy, and soft majors are already becoming more and more valuable.” — Tucker Max For my final twoContinue reading “Most College Majors Are Overrated”