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“Batman Begins” Teaser Trailer [2004]


It’s hard to remember now, but back in 2004, superhero films were bright, colorful, and a bit silly.

So, in an effort to show how the Batman reboot would be dark and gritty and (quasi-) realistic, Jonathan Nolan wrote a monologue for Bruce Wayne (Christian Bale) that explains this Batman’s mentality.

It wasn’t included in the film – Nolan said it never would’ve worked – but even though I saw the film in the theater twice and own it on DVD, this teaser got me excited for the flick all over again.

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By Christopher Pierznik

Christopher Pierznik is the author of 9 books and has contributed to numerous websites on a variety of topics including music, sports, movies, TV, personal finance, and life. He works in corporate finance and lives in northern New Jersey with his family. His dream is to one day be a member of the Wu-Tang Clan.

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