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Stanley Kubrick’s Annotated Copy of Stephen King’s “The Shining”


Following up on yesterday’s post on Room 237, here are some photos from Stanley Kubrick’s copy of Stephen King’s novel, complete with his notes and ideas.



King famously hated Kubrick’s adaptation and, from a purely faithful aspect, it’s easy to understand why. Kubrick basically took the skeleton of King’s book and created an entirely new, multi-layered film on top of it. King didn’t simply tell one story with multiple other subliminal stories under it, but Kubrick did, best explained by Rob Ager’s exhaustive, engrossing analysis of the film.

I’m always interested in the process that others take towards their work and rather than try to deduce if King was right or what Kubrick was ultimately trying to say, I just like to see how a mad genius like Kubrick composes thoughts and notes and ideas.

[via Open Culture]

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