Documentary Tuesday: “6 Days to Air – The Making of ‘South Park'”


For twenty seasons, South Park has ruthlessly and hilariously skewered the events and topics of our daily lives.

As a recent New York Times piece explained:

“Since its debut in 1997, ‘South Park’ has spun more than 250 tales about foul-mouthed fourth graders in a Colorado town that invariably gets swept up in whatever social crisis the nation is facing that week. What began with a show about aliens installing a satellite in a child’s butt has evolved — sort of — into a series that, in its unapologetically crude way, can address debates over transgender bathrooms, racial discrimination or gratuitous sex and violence in ‘Game of Thrones.'”

That article also explores how Matt Stone and Trey Parker, the show’s creators and brain trust, always manage to get a show into the network in time, even when it appears hopeless. This 2011 doc shows the chaos involved in creating a new episode entirely from scratch.

I couldn’t embed the film, so click here to watch it.

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