Documentary Tuesday: “Copyright Criminals”


The genre of hip-hop music was built on the practice of sampling.

With few musical instruments and little or no studio time, hip-hop artists and producers created new sounds on the bones of existing songs. From the stacked and layered compositions of De La Soul, Beastie Boys, and Public Enemy to the far less nuanced borrowing by the likes of Puff Daddy, rap has a long history of sampling.

But in the early ’90s, lawyers, record labels, and other artists decided to get litigious and, through the courts, put an end to the rampant sampling that had helped to build hip-hop. It’s no accident that there was a shift in the sound and the culture at this time. The original artists claimed ownership, but newer acts claimed that they weren’t copying, but creating something new.

Is it really possible to own a sound? Copyright Criminals attempts to answer that question.

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