Documentary Tuesday: “Behind the Music: Nirvana”


The legacy of Nirvana is amazing.

Even now, more than two decades later, the band is still relevant, from the greatness of Foo Fighters to the recent Kurt Cobain documentary Montage of Heck, to, you know, the actual music that birthed a genre of rock-and-roll and influenced an entire generation.

Some may claim that VH1’s Behind the Music does not qualify as a documentary, to which I say three things: (1) it has all of the attributes of a documentary, if it’s not one, then what is it?; (2) it’s tough to find great full-length documentaries on YouTube (hence the reason the audio is a second off); and (3) it’s fucking Nirvana Behind the Music – how much better can it get?

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5 thoughts on “Documentary Tuesday: “Behind the Music: Nirvana”

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